Anna Malagowska – business coach, ICC coach

anna She is a psychologist and an experienced business coach. She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Lodz. She is a Certified Master Practitioner in the Art of NLP and ICC Coach. She has a diversified work experience, starting from teaching at university, through therapeutic outpatient substance abuse treatment, to work as business psychologist. She owns Concept training company and for 15 years has been engaged in the development of people in organizations, conducting workshops and trainings, as well as team coaching and individual coaching.

The areas of her specialization include: leadership, public presentation, development of coaches and coaching organizations.
In her approach to life she is guided by the concept according to which it is worthwhile for work to be pleasure, give joy and possibility of self-fulfilment in what you do. In her coaching she has adopted the principle of partnership based on freedom of expression and acceptance of the fact that people may see the same things from a different perspective.