Beata Molska – Managing Director

Managing Director of HR Accelerate, a company specializing in consulting and training. She is a business psychologist, trainer, coach and a long-term Human Resources Director in financial sector companies (banking, receivables management, factoring and insurance), as well as companies involved in manufacturing and logistics. She has been involved in HR for over 20 years. As a certified coach (ICC) she conducts executive coaching, team coaching, trainings of managerial staff and sales forces as well as comprehensively intorduces personnel strategies in companies. She has successfully implemented such projects as: employee satisfaction surveys, position valuations, structural changes, outplacement projects, restructuring connected with human resources resulting from mergers or acquisitions of companies, advanced recruitment of top management, system of management by objectives (MBO), competencies models, systems of periodic employee assesments, implementation of tools and technologies that support HR processes, system solutions related to designing effective training and development programs, career paths and her Talent Management program.
She graduated from the Kozminski University in the area of Psychology of Business (Master’s Degree) and MBA, as well as completed Postgraduate Studies in Therapy and Group Training at the University of Warsaw where she obtained a business coach certificate. For over 15 years, she has been responsible for all HR processes (including payroll, remuneration policy, training and development) in the financial and insurance industry in the following companies: ING Commercial Finance, Coface Poland, Axa Assistance. In the distribution and FMCG industries she served as an Interim HR Director for Nestle Waters, the owner of the Dar Natury brand where she was responsible for the restructuring and division of business and human resources after the sale to Eden Spring.
For 8 years, as the Personnel Director of Coface Poland she responsible for remuneration and benefits policy as well as all soft HR which included establishing a new factoring company, mapping and describing positions, job grading, recruitment, building of career paths, development projects which included securing EU funds for staff training.

Recently, as Interim Recruitment & Development Manager of DPD Polska Sp. z o.o. she was responsible for projects related to the development of the organization structure following a merger with another courier company, SiĆ³demka. Some of these projects included valuing, describing and mapping positions, recruitment and development as well as implementation of her DPD Talent Academy project. She is currently the Head of Development and Recruitment at Xella Polska Sp. z o.o., a producer of building systems and materials with brands such as Ytong, Silka and Multispor.

As the Managing Director of HR ACCELERATE she has worked on HR projects across the board as a consultant and a freelancer. She is certified to utilize numerous psychometric tools and aptitude tests designed to diagnose potential in development, coaching or recruitment processes, including: Insightful Profiler ip coach 121, FRIS styles of thinking, Extended DISC, SHL and Profiles XT.

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