Piotr Kwietniewski – trainer, consultant, coach

Piotr Kwietniewski – trainer, consultant, coach. He graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of University of Warsaw as well as completed postgraduate courses: Psychology of Coaching (UW) and Managerial Coaching (Collegium Civitas)

He has been conducting business trainings since 2005. He specializes in training in psychological skills in management and sales, as well as managerial and leadership skills. He managed teams and trained with modern management methods. Together with Wojciech Eichelberger he co-created the first training center dealing with psychological resistance and anti-stress prevention in Poland, where he worked as a consultant and trainer. As a coach he conducted over 3,000 hours of training. He also ran approximately 150 hours of coaching sessions with individual clients in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife-coaching and career coaching.

He is accredited by the International Coach Federation at the ACC.

He gained experience working, among others, as a manager in marketing departments of several multinational companies, e.g.: MillwardBrown: researcher, consultant, project manager, account manager, IPSI: trainer, consultant, Danone: consumer insight manager, Director of Research, ZywiecZdroj: Director of Research, Navigator: trainer, consultant, Gamma: trainer, coach, consultant, Altkom: trainer, coach.