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ING Commercial Finance Polska SA :: download references (PDF)

While conducting training on soft interpersonal skills, as well as individual trainings and consultations, Beata Molska contributed to raising the professional competence of our staff … She also prepared a draft of the company’s HR strategy consistent with its business objectives … Moreover, she organized a system of periodic employee and company management evaluations and implemented a bonus system based on MBO … I can assess our cooperation as being very professional and satisfying … Andrzej Zbikowski Chairman of the Management Board

Coface :: download references (PDF)

Beata Molska Consulting & Training was responsible for obtaining EU subsidies for Coface Group companies, as well as for management of two training projects – consulting “Academy Coface” with a value of 2.7 million PLN and “Coface in the Process of Change” with a value of 1.9 million PLN in the period 2009-2013. (…)

Through advisory and training projects, we have implemented far-reaching changes in the Coface associated with an increase in sales effectiveness and customer service. In addition, owing to management staff training and executive coaching sessions, we have observed a significant increase in management competence, which in turn resulted in improving the quality of management and employee satisfaction.

Within the framework of the project, we have introduced individual development paths, competency model and transparent rules for periodic employee evaluation .

I believe that cooperation with the entire project team including Ms Beata Molska and Ms. Marta Kazana was very satisfying. Their professional activities contributed to the significant development of all companies within the Coface Group.

I recommend cooperating with Beata Molska Consulting & Training as they understand customer needs and are a reliable business partner. Maciej Drowanowski Vice President of Coface Poland Credit Management Services Sp. zoo. Management Board

PRP Private Ideas :: download references (PDF)

I assess the collaboration with Mrs. Beata Molska and the consultants associated with the Company as exemplary. The staff recruited by Beata Molska are still employed in our company since they correspond to the profile positions and we are satisfied with their performance . The course of our cooperation thus far allows us to perceive the company as a partner who properly treats its commitment to the client … Paweł Kling, Vice President of the Management Board

Lorac :: download references (PDF)

Lorac cooperated with Beata Molska under the advisory project between the years 20111 and 2012in 2011-2012 who has made a name for herself as a professional consultant, recruiter and trainer. The scope of consulting services that substantially influenced the development of our company included:

  • recruitment of sales representatives and support in the development of the distribution network
  • creation of incentive and bonus systems for the Commercial Department
  • and Customer Service
  • designing a competency model taking into account the specificities of a distribution company
  • implementation of the interim evaluation of the competences and quantitative targets
  • conducting managerial training in the field of motivation and employee evaluation
  • coaching and training sales representatives in the field of trade negotiations

From time perspecties, we evaluate Beata Molska’s counseling as an extremely effective and responsive to our needs which lead to significant imrovement of sales results. I recommend cooperation with Beata Molska .. Her innovative and originl ideas, as well as practical approach to projects could certainly help in business development of many companies … ..Robert Ciopciński Managing Director.

CN Group Sp. z o. o. :: download references (PDF)

has been using the services of the company since 2008 with great benefits. CN Group commissions services in the field of personnel consulting and recruitment processes for commercial and managerial positions .

… The company led by Beata Molska is a reliable partner and assess the rendered services very well. Candidates selected for the postions fully meet our criteria and requirements … . Piotr Niewiadomski Vice President of the Management Board