Our methodology

The aim of our proposed training is to deepen self-awareness and to work on self-development. Participants, through experience, working on specific examples and exercises, can gain new or improve already existing skills, patterns of behavior or knowledge. This gives them the chance to develop and improve their own skills. At the same time, it gives them the opportunity to adapt in an ever-changing work environment.

All classes are conducted by applying active methods, allowing the use of each participant’s personal potential. For us, the most important “tool” in training work is the people themselves – their experience, skills and knowledge.

We realize our programs mainly in the form of workshops, so the right amount of time is devoted to a discussion regarding the practical elements of applying the training content – the actual situations and problems and action plans. An important element of the workshop is the exchange of experiences and sharing best practices. Often, participants receive implementation tasks that help them to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the workshops in everyday activities at work.

The programs are always tailored according to the needs of the organization, and the team responsible for the project is selected based on the members’ experience in the field.