Recruitment and Executive search


We support our clients in attracting candidates for particular positions as well as in verification of their qualifications and competences.


By carrying out the recruitment and selection throughout the entire country, we reach the candidates by relying mainly on the method of direct search, advertisements in national media, job portals and industry websites. We also take advantage of our own database and a wide network of contacts.

As part of the recruitment and selection, we perform such services as:

Selection of applications

It saves time that would normally be spent on analysis of applications which are sent in response to advertisements in the media or on the Internet. The service consists of pre-selection of the submitted applications based on the received job profile and presenting the Client only with those applications which meet the formal requirements (education, specific experience, language skills, etc.).

Analysis of the database

By rendering service database analysis, we make a thorough review of our application database from the perspective of our Client’s requirements. The selected individuals are informed about the ongoing recruitment and, should they express their interest in the offer, they go through a brief telephone interviews. Documents of the candidates who are consistent with the content of the job offer are forwarded to the Client.

Full recruitment

Within the recruitment and selection service, we evaluate candidates on the basis of
professional interviews,
competency/behavioral interviews,
psychometric tests,
integrated assessment (Assessment Centre),
assessment of foreign language skills

As a result, the Client receives a report with an objective assessment which details the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, as well as analysis of the level of surveyed competence intensity.


Strong leaders build strong organizations, which is why the recruitment of high-level managers should be entrusted to professionals. Our consultants, due to their market knowledge, extensive database and large-scale networking, reach the best managers directly.
This form of recruitment is of particular importance as talented managers rarely seek job opportunities themselves. Therefore, they have to be reached through less conventional methods in which our consultants specialize.

We realize our projects based on target lists agreed with the Client.

What are the benefits for the Client:
market analysis, to reach candidates and to identify their availability,
competency/behavioral interviews conducted by experienced psychologists,
double-check of the credibility of a candidate and examination of references,
report on the competencies of each candidate,
continuous contact with the Client and the candidate during the project and after its completion.
consulting at the stage of making a final decision.