It’s hard to imagine life in a society or organization without the ability to communicate with others. The process of communication is often the key to the success of projects. A question of whether we can effectively communicate should be answered. Can we convince others to our case, idea, product or service? Can we handle stress whilst communicating under pressure? Answers to these and other questions constitute the trainings proposed below

  • Interpersonal communication (positive communication, communication without aggression, communication in the process of selling from the perspective of a psychologist, communication in conflict / crisis, elements of management of communications in projects)
  • How to speak so that others listen, how to listen so that others would speak
  • Professional presentations in business
  • Public appearances
  • Self-presentation – how to do it positively and feel good about it
  • Effective action – performance and motivation
  • Effective methods of working under pressure
  • Motivating – building commitment of the individual and the team (self-motivation, motivating co-workers, subordinates, task teams)
  • Business negotiations
  • Influencing others
  • Creativity training
  • Cooperation in task teams (how to create a team and operate it effectively)
  • Resolving conflict or difficult situations, operating in difficult circumstances
  • Getting to YES, or the art of negotiation,
  • Mediation, facilitation,
  • Emotions – how to lead a ship during a storm and during quiet,
  • Managing emotions in new and challenging situations (situations of change)
  • Assertiveness as an attitude and way of communication.
  • Aggression – verbal, physical, how to deal with threats / hostility (there is also the possibility of physical training – practical version for volunteers, we are licensed/certified)
  • Development of interpersonal competencies – sensitivity to the surrounding reality.
  • Psychology workshops – improvement of selected practical skills (training in the form of development workshop – less theory, a lot of practice)
  • Quality – Your value at work,
  • Building a positive image of the organization (internally and externally)
  • Basics of copywriting,
  • Improving the ability of creating written texts.
  • Culture of words in dealing with clients,
  • Eristic, or the art of persuasion and selecting relevant arguments.