Our values and mission

We believe that people, as the most important company asset, are able to ignite their potential even more quickly through development of their practical skills and insight into their own resources.

Our mission is to support our Clients and their organizations in development, change and achieving business successes.

We approach our work with due diligence, always paying attention to coaching work standards, business ethics, confidentiality of conducted projects, keeping in mind added value for the Client.

trust – trust lies at the foundation of each business or coaching relation. Building trust is a process. We perform our duties to the best of our abilities. Through our qualifications and honesty we show that it is worth to trust us as exemplified by our numerous Clients.

qualifications – All our consultants/trainers/coaches are experienced and certified. At the same time we constantly strive to obtain new and innovative methods of coaching, training, recruitment processes and personnel advisory. We are conscious of our skills level and we persistently aim at their enhancement.

honesty – We are consistent , we honor agreements and arrangements and keep our word. We are particular about project confidentiality and security of all materials obtained from our Clients. We always present our competences honestly and we only undertake projects and cooperation with client if our qualifications and their needs correspond.

responsibility – when we undertake a project we take full responsibility for the earlier established results and/or KPIs and we strive for high level of client satisfaction, which we study and measure after the completion of project/training

mutual respect – we always approach our clients, participants of trainings and candidates with highest respect and dignity. During our cooperation we study the partner’s needs so that we could provide the best form of assistance whilst respecting their values.

We wish to support organizations in the process of planning and implementing change. We provide knowledge and tool for perfecting organizational efficiency through workshops, strategic advisory and executive coaching.

There are two ways in which we implement effective process of change:

– At the level of teams and organizations through analysis, personnel audit, consulting and workshop sessions

– At the individual level through coaching aimed at increasing efficiency and development of unique talents of the employee