Advisory Sales


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish traditional sales from advisory sales
  • Determine the roles and the necessary skills needed for effective sales and improve them
  • Enumerate and apply the steps of the sales process
  • Make a thorough analysis of hidden customer needs and improve technique interactive dialogue
  • Distinguish types of clients and adapt to their style of conversation
  • Build a sales process based on benefits
  • Use a variety of strategies and sales tactics
  • Deal with customer objections
  • Use techniques of closing sales talks


  • Advisory sales and traditional sales
  • The role of the sales representative and the necessary skills needed for effective advisory sales
  • The elements of the sales process
  • Reaching the hidden needs of customers
  • Customer types and style of conversation
  • The art of selling benefits
  • Dealing with customers’ objections
  • Closing the sales process